Community & Employee Advantages


We help communities across the country build and sustain facilities to provide the highest quality water and wastewater services.


Career Development - American Water encourages employees to continually develop in their current roles or for future roles. The Company has launched several tools to help employees advance in their careers.

Succession Planning - The Company works diligently to identify crucial job skills, knowledge, social relationships and organizational practices and passes them on to develop new leaders, so they are prepared for advancement.

American Water is proud to have lasting union relationships, with nearly 50% of our total workforce being represented by 14 national unions under 70 collective bargaining agreements.

A culture built on safety -- American Water believes that no one should get injured at work and that every person should return home to his or her family in the same or better shape than when they came to work.

Inclusion and diversity of ideas, thoughts, and experiences are vital to the culture of American Water and the way we do business. Creating an environment where differences are embraced and where every employee feels engaged and included makes us safer, stronger and more successful.  Click here to view our 2021 American Water Inclusion and Diversity report.

We want to foster an environment where our people can work safely, generate great ideas, provide the best customer service, and make a difference in the communities we serve. By cultivating a diverse and inclusive work environment guided by our core values, we enable anyone to develop the next big idea, delight our customers, grow our company and create a future of success.